How To Use Twitter Party Rules

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STEP 1: Sign in with Twitter on the SoFabChats Home Page - use white button in upper right

STEP 2: Pick your parties – from the list of parties, click on the party Hashtag to learn more

STEP 3: Click the blue RSVP button on the Party page. You'll also want to:

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Share a tweet for a chance to win the Party Early Bird Prize (if available – see Official Rules)

Review the Official Party Rules

Click on the blue Official Rules links when you RSVP

Official Rules for each Party can and do vary from party to party!

You'll find prize details and values, requirement "disclosure" hashtag instructions, eligibility requirements and restrictions in the Rules – all are important to help ensure you are eligible to win prizes!

RSVPing via mobile? 3 easy steps:

Click on the button with 3 bars on the top right of the screen.

When the dropdown appears, click "Sign in with Twitter."

After you're signed in, Click the blue "RSVP" button. Easy peasy!

STEP 4: Party Day!

• Visit SoFabChats home page and sign in with Twitter

• Click on the Party Hashtag

• See the Party Hosts and Special Guests below the image on the page

• Click on the gray Rules button to review - make sure you're eligible to win!

• Click on the blue Go To Party button to join the party

• The party "opens" about 15 minutes before the official start time – come chat with us!

• Actively tweet during the party, connect with hosts and other guests, using the party hashtag

• Use the "disclosure" hashtag as directed in the Official Rules for each party

STEP 5: Using the SoFabChats Party Grid

Announcement Bar - at the top of the grid - displays Party Questions, Winner Announcements and special messages

Tweet Box - below the Announcement Bar – you can create and send tweets in this space

Tweet Columns - Engage with tweets in the columns: reply, Retweet, follow, and favorite

Right - tweets @ you

Center - Party Host tweets

Left - tweets from all party participants

Navigating columns – hover over column to change tweet view or use the slider on right

All About Prizes

Official Rules "disclosure" hashtag, eligibility requirements, and restrictions can and do vary from party to party!

Winner Selection

In manyTwitter Parties, winners are randomly selected from all eligible participants.

In other parties, @SoFabChats or Party Host may announce a special way to enter during the party which is also outlined in the Official Rules.

Winner Announcements

In many parties, @SoFabChats will alert potential winners by tagging them in a tweet and will send them a DM (Twitter Direct Message) with additional information.

In other parties, an announcement will be made about a special way to enter with a link to more information about winner notifications.

Claiming Prizes

All potential winners will receive an email within the time stated in Official Rules that contains instructions for claiming the prize. The sender will appear as Collective Bias SoFabChats via DocuSign and the sending email address will be The time to claim a prize is limited and outlined in the Official Rules.


Prizes may be delivered electronically (via email), US Postal Service, or other shipping method.

The delivery method is determined at the time of fulfillment and is not available in advance.

If prize is delivered electronically, you will receive an email from address to verify your email address before the prize is issued.

Delivery Date:

Per Official Rules, prize fulfillment is 4-6 weeks from the date of event. Fulfillment timing depends on a number of factors and is not available in advance.

Prize Packs:

Prize Packs (tangible prizes) will be shipped separately from gift card prizes.

In most cases, Prize Packs (tangible prizes) and gift card prizes will not be shipped at same time, however both components will be received by 4-6 weeks after date of the event.

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